“Bumper” and Cinema

Bumper” is the English title of my French short film, called in French, “Le Créneau”.



Our World Premiere happened in the United States, on October the 13th and the 14th in San Diego, where I used to live! I take this as a sign and a blessing…



Nirina Ralantoaritsimba (also known as Nirina Ralanto) is a scriptwriter. In 2013 she co-wrote the feature “Love is in the air” produced by Universal, Révérence, Thelma and Manchester. She is an autodidact director. In 2010, she directed her first short film “Double word score” in France. In 2012 she started a docu-webseries called “Travel Journal in Abu Dhabi”, based on her life in the UAE as a French teacher. In 2013, she edited her new docu-webseries about her grandmother, “My weekend with Mémé”, and got an award for “Family genre” at Vancouver Webfest in 2015. Nirina is half from France, half from Madagascar. She is a writer and director. As a multidimensional artist, she is a painter, calligrapher, musician, singer, actress. Holding a PhD in French literature about travel journals in California, she is also a linguist and taught French in schools and universities in France, the US and the United Arab Emirates at Sorbonne University of Abu Dhabi.



Julien Ralanto, producer at Reverence, produced a French comedy called “Amour et Turbulences” (English title: “Love is in the air“) coproduced by Universal, Manchester and Thelma. He also produced a short film called “Beau papa” and directed two short films called “Instantané” and “Hand to hand”.




This 18-minute short film is inspired by family and made by family! It is a tribute to lineage and unity.

My brother and I finished writing a script for a feature film that we plan to produce soon!

Our main characters? You see them on the poster above: a grandson and his grandmother. We all experienced relationships with our grandparents, mythical and sometimes anachronistic heroes of our lives…

While looking for producers and the best partnership for our feature, Julien and I decided to produce a short film, as a sample of our vision. We were convinced that by making this jewel, it would be easier for us to show the chemistry between Max and Mémé (the grandson and the grandmother).

Max is played by the French actor Hugues Jourdain.


Mémé (Grandma) is played by the French actress Marie-Pierre Casey. In her very long career in the French TV and cinema, this is her first short film!

Full cast:

Marie-Pierre Casey: Mémé (Grandma)

Hugues Jourdain: Max

Jana Bittnerova: driving instructor

Christian Abart: passerby

François Rabette : driving license examiner


Bumper” is born!

We invented a life situation about ambition for two different generations, in order to put Max and Grandma together in the grandmother’s house, in the countryside of France. This knot would make them play their best facets of their personalities. The scene of “Bumper” doesn’t belong to the feature script. In fact, Julien got this idea of a grandmother willing to pass the driving license again, and I found it an efficient and funny plot to start writing a short film. We wrote it quite quickly, because we were so used to write about our characters since the feature script.

Then we started the pre-production in September 2017, shot the movie during 6 days beginning of December, started the editing around Christmas and finished the post-production in June.

The first festival that selected “Bumper” is San Diego International Film Festival, so our world premiere will take place in California, on October 13 and 14!


The screening is called “Indie Stories” with 6 short films and “Bumper” will be one of them! Here are 2 dates and venues:

“Sweet? Light hearted? Complicated? Fun? Heart-wrenching? These films deliver it all. Q&A with the filmmakers after screening (86 minutes)”

-Oct 13 2018, 2:30 PM – 3:56 PM
ArcLight Cinemas/UTC
-Oct 14 2018, 11:30 AM – 12:55 PM
Regal Theater – UA Horton


The second festival that selected “Bumper” is Studio City International Film Festival. It will take place from Friday, November 9th, to Thursday, November 15th, at the Laemmle NoHo Theater, 5240 Lankershim Blvd in North Hollywood. 

I can’t wait to make my French characters Max and Mémé travel to California! 

The third festival that selected “Bumper” is in France: 7e Festival Eurydice in Fécamp. It will be the Première in France!!


The fourth festival will be Prague Film Awards in Czech Republic on January 11-12 2019.

“Bumper” is nominated in the category Best short comedy!

BUMPER -Synopsis:

For many years, Max, a young man full of ambition, has been dreaming of being accepted in a prestigious school of political sciences. The day before the interview, he plans to spend the night at his grandmother’s house which is near where the oral exam will be taking place the next morning, thus hoping to be in the best mindset to succeed. But once he gets there, Max finds out his Grandma has decided to take her driver’s license again…



If you are a producer and want to get more information about our comedy project, please contact us at nirinaralanto@gmail.com.



Other movie project: adaptation from a novel

I am a writer and I wrote a novel, in French, called “We are the ancestors of the ones who are not born yet”. I am in the process of translating it into English because it is about America and California history. Unknown history about the ohlone tribe that used to live in the bay area before the Europeans arrive.

This novel is inspired by my life in California and my PhD thesis about the travel journal of French travellers in California from the Goldrush until 1913-1915.

Two French women travel to California. Ninon Février travel there in 2004 and will discover the myth of Californian dream. Geneviève Legrand travel there in 1849 because she heard about the Goldrush and wants to change her life and be reborn. Both women meet through the power of writing and translating: an old manuscript… Time and space will cross each other from the 21th to the 19th century, building an unexpected genealogical tree that unfolds forgotten French-American history.

“We are the ancestors of the ones who are not born yet” is a celebration of peace within past and present, in order to build a more peaceful and more aware future on this planet.

As a scriptwriter and director, I am looking for collaboration to adapt my novel to a series or a feature. Ideally I am aiming for a French-American co-production. If you like cross-cultural projects and want to get more information about this French-American adaptation project, please contact me at nirinaralanto@gmail.com.


Photo credit: Elia Weppe and Pierre-Alain M’Barga